Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday is my Saturday

Was able to visit my alma mater this past weekend. though there were things to do and people to see, there was plenty of time to decompress. to lounge on sofas, futons and beds at our friends' homes. it felt good to have pockets of rest and nothingness in the midst of a busy graduation season. while we were awaiting the plans for one night, i grabbed the edition of Kinfolk to keep me occupied. it was a magazine that i caught sight of on a few friends' instagrams here and there. if it was instagram worthy, then i gauged that the content was sturdy. 

it was issue nine and centered around the theme of defining rest and finding a balance between work&play. one story was written by a girlfriend of a chef. she shares about the difference in their relationship compared to others; where her weekends are filled with times of solitude. being a chef, weekends are his busiest workdays. their definition of a "Saturday" does not come at the end of the week but during. it is on a Monday or Tuesday morning where they can wake up, make breakfast and sit at the table together. holding his hand and simply enjoying his presence.

i found this story comforting as i could relate somewhat. lately i've realized, in this season of my life, that my Saturday does not come on Saturday. lately it's been on a Monday, a Tuesday or even a Wednesday. and it's okay to have a unconventional work schedule. i'm learning to embrace it for what it is. in a couple of years, i know i'll look back and crave it. 

there are so many perks to it. while many humans are working in their cubicles, i can:
+make brunch/lunch plans
+binge watch tv shows 
+fall asleep on the couch while watching my shows
+go to the gym and not have to fight for a treadmill
+read books
+write on this blog 

and so much more...

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