Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Goodbye C.S. Lewis, Hello Amy Tan

This post is long overdue, but last week i finally crossed off the first book on my summer reading list. i know i mentioned some of my thoughts about The Screwtape Letters in a previous post but i wanted to wrap up it all up into a nice bouquet of words.

this is one book that i want to come back to. i leave this book with deeper insight into how the Enemy interacts with humans. it's so much more subtle than we expect and he maneuvers in ways that we can't even imagine. if this is only C.S. Lewis' perception of the devil, a human trying to describe the vilest being, it scares me to think how evil he really is. Screwtapes' letters only scratch the surface of unveiling the character of the devil.

it's made me realize how even the smallest impulse of impatience and frustration is a seed that he has planted in us. we like to believe that these emotions are momentary and we are quick to defend ourselves, our character. we prove to others that we are patient, we are understanding, we are loving. but if you peel back the layers, you will see that this small seed is actually growing, and growing quickly. it's so much easier for us to listen to our flesh than to our spirit. but we need to catch ourselves when we first recognize that sinful impulse. if we choose to ignore it, we are choosing to fall deeper into his hands.

but there is also so much hope that Lewis reminds us of- that in end, we, as believers, still have the upper hand. the Enemy can and will never fully understand the intention of God. they can never comprehend the love Christ has for humans. and it frustrates them, it torments their every thought. God has and will succeed in this story. we shouldn't be hard on ourselves when we are left brimming with questions of what God is thinking and doing. if the very contrast of God can't figure it out, then how can we? thankfully, God has equipped us with His Words in a very special book. and it is there that we can find stability and understand a bit of His thoughts for us.

+ i have only read about 60ish pages into The Joy Luck Club and i am in full regret that i did not read this book sooner. being a woman and reading about strong women characters is something that resonates so deeply within me. because i aspire each day to become stronger- mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Lindo Jong is a character my heart beats for. despite her setbacks, she does not forget who she is. i can already tell that she is a well-grounded human being which is so admirable to me. i'm excited to learn more about her and how her relationship with her daughter is like.

here is a snippet of her story:
I was surprised at what I saw. I had on a beautiful red dress, but what I saw was even more valuable. I was strong. I was pure. I had genuine thoughts inside that no one could see, that no one could ever take away from me. I was like the wind.

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